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Paul Feig can understand Ghostbusters the worries of the fans around‚ Ghostbusters'. The 53-year-old director understands the fears of the hardcore fans of the first both films who complain to the decision to take a new filming female. In the stripe the actresses Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones take over the former roles from Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. If he was not involved in the project, thus Cowardly, then he himself would be sceptical.'Er explained: „I think, the frustrating since the Internet is that everybody thinks, everything belongs to him. One gets so a lot of information that one judges rash. One gets comments like‚ The film is awful‘, but they have not seen the film at all! I understand that the film is revered passionately and, hence, the people are nervous. If I did not make it, I would be as nervous as all the others.“

Ghostbusters with women - in this subject rub itself film fans worldwide. Watch Ghostbusters Full Movie Online Besides, the opinions break up. The one find dreadful that women take over the roles of her beloved mind hunters, the other simply find the occupation cruel. The Ghostbusters, at least, are embodied by Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. However, there is also advocate who are glad not only about a new film all around the mind hunters, but also about fresh wind in the Cast. In this case we remain neutral like Switzerland and rather look to us at the new trailer.

The fact that the mind hunter's ladies do not move unarmed in the fight against the evil, might be clear. Therefore, in the new, short trailer they presented two utensils which should put the heating on to the bad powers substantially. Ghostbusters  The Ghost Chipper and the proton Glove with which Melissa McCarthy, alias Dr. Abigail "Abby" Yates, immediately once a motorcycle goes hunting in the air.

Death threats to the director

"This garbage was produced to make Feminazis happy", a Twitter user - an example of many rages. Beside anti-women insult cannonades there are even also death threats to director Paul Feig and his crew. On YouTube the official preview of the film which comes in July in the USA and in August in Germany to the cinemas achieved meanwhile a negative record: Already about 900,000 users clicked on "liked to me not" - so many as never before for a film trailer in the videomain entrance.

"The worst anti-women stuff"

The leading roles in the film play Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig. In the original version the mind hunters were male of course everybody. Director Feig says, he has get because of the film "the worst anti-women stuff" to listen. It is unbelievable that this laborious fight must be fought against prejudices in 2016 still.

"Hollywood still man's domain"

There had also been similarly furious reactions when several leading roles with women were taken for the latest one up to now as well as the coming result the "star War" saga as the Internet site marks "Women and Hollywood" (women and Hollywood). The failures showed how deeply still the idea has rooted that the Hollywood-great productions are "the domain of the men", says Martha Lauzen, an expert for women in the film in the San Diego State University.

VIP women go on the barricades

The discrimination of the women in the US film industry is denounced, in the meantime, by more and more female stars in all clearness. Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Lawrence, Gwyneth Paltrow, Meryl Streep, Emma Watson and other have complained publicly about the fact that men are better paid and get the more interesting roles.

Lack of women's roles with draught

The lack of women's roles with draught results obviously also of the fact that among the directors and scriptwriters the women are unterrepresented furthermore strikingly. According to a study of the expert Lauzen only nine percent of the directors and eleven percent of the scriptwriters were female with 250 commercially most successful films of the last year.

Indeed, the US film industry with the disadvantage of women damages apparently in direction to own business. In spite of the furious clamour against the women in "Ghostbusters" or "star War" - the figures speak another language. Films with female leading roles would have achieved in 2014 3.3 percent higher income than that with men, says the film expert Stacey Smith of the University of to Southern California.